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Buster's Adventures #new #dogspointofview

The best oak tree ever!

Hi folks, I'm Buster. I just wanted to share with you some of the adventures I go on with my human mamma Sarah. We have the best time, every day is full of new friends, new smells and new things to wee on. What more can a dog ask for?

On Sunday we went to 'The Outdoor Place' which is a forest school run and owned by mammas friend Charlotte. She is lovely and has a white westie dog called Daisy. I like her, she likes to chill and sniff things like me. I had such a good day. There was a whole storage shed full of sticks to play with but for some reason the humans weren't too happy that I kept taking the sticks from there. Apparently they needed them to put on a red hot destroyer of sticks in a circle of stones. Humans do the strangest things, sticks are for chasing and chewing and running off with!

We chilled by the stick destroyer, ate biscuits, well the humans did, I gave my best puppy dog eyes but apparently gluten free chocolate digestives are not for dogs.. mamma did give me a treat but I really wanted biscuit! Before I could sulk too much over the biscuit we went for a wander around the farm where there are lots of holes to poke my nose in and have a good sniff, that made me very happy.

A perfect Sunday afternoon in my opinion. I hope you like hearing about my adventures, I will nag mamma to write more. (She has been saying she will do this for AGES!) hehe!

Lots of slobbery kisses.. Buster.. xxx

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